Portable Oxygen Concentrator Without Battery Medical Supply Equipment

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  • The elderly: Improving brain functioning as they develop dementia and other conditions.
  • Pregnant women: Helpful to fetus development.,Plateau tourism lovers: Reducing the symptoms of hypoxia on the plateau.
  • Businessman: Relaxing physical and mental tension, improving physical ability, reducing sub-health status, and improving work efficiency.
  • Students: Improving remembrance and reducing mental fatigue.

Product details

  • Product Dimensions : 31.5 x 21.3 x 30.9 cm
How to use an Oxygen Concentrator?
  • Step 1 Place the oxygen concentrator 1-2 feet away from the wall.
    Step 2 Connect the humidification bottle if it is prescribed by the doctor. It is required if the oxygen flow rate is higher than 2-3 liters per minute. Use only distilled or filtered water in the humidification bottle.
    Step 3 Attach the oxygen tubing to the humidification bottle or an adaptor.
    Step 4 The oxygen concentrator will have an air inlet filter that clears the air. You should make sure that the filter is placed before using the machine. It can be washed once a week with warm water and used after it's dry.
    Step 5 The concentrator should be turned on at least 15-20 minutes before using it. This is because it takes time to cycle the correct concentration of air.
    Step 6 Once the machine is on you will hear the loud sound of the air being processed. Always check the light indicator to ensure if the machine is working properly.
    Step 7 Locate the liter control knob and set it as per the prescribed liter per minute. If you are not sure about it, always consult your doctor.
    Step 8 Ensure that there is no bend or kink in the tube. Also, ensure that there is no gap in the sides of the mask you are using to breathe.

Customer Reviews

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Srishti Dubey
Product is good

many thanks

Amazing machine

Purchased it for my brother. It is lightweight and works well.

INstallation was easy and quick. This is a nice portable oxygen machine

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