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  • Multi-function Ozonizer: Used to purify Air as well as Fruits & Vegetable
  • Timing Function easy to use
  • Pure Ozone Sterilize
  • Remove Indoor harmful odors
  • Sterilizing types of equipment.
  • Remove secondhand smoke like the smoke of cigarettes.
  • CE certified


  1. Water Purification, decomposition of organic impurities in water, heavy metal, decolor, and dispels the chlorine, unusual smell in the tap water, deactivation of all kinds of bacterium and virus.
  2. Degeneration of vegetables & fruit surface's agricultural residual, the chemical fertilizer, and kill all kinds of bacterium, virus. This may achieve eat uncooked standards.
  3. Decomposition of the meat of various artificially hormones and antibiotics, and eliminates the odor.
  4. Remove the smell of fish, shell fish, and other seafood.
  5. Tableware washing: Kills bacteria on the surface of the tableware and kitchenware
  6. Disinfecting the Four Wheelers from the inside and remove the foul smell and eliminate harmful bacteria and virus from there.

And there are many more uses of this Ozonizer.

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Removes chemical from vegetables and fruits. I’m loving it.

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