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  • Ultralight & Portable: Made up of MDF Wood Material which keeps its overall weight very low and hence allows easy portability. Despite the light weight, it has the capacity to hold weight up to 20-25 KG.
  • A Multi-Utility Table: Use it as a Laptop Table, Work Table, Reading Table, Drawing Table, Bed Table, Study Table, Bed, or Sofa Breakfast Table. Can also be used in cars while traveling
  • Multi-Angle Adjustable Legs: It can be adjusted and vented in various angles as per your need. Either sitting, resting, or standing, this table is perfect for any position and helps you to use it in any posture of your need. Ideal for All age group people.
  • Locking System: It has an exclusive function of locking-system at any angle where you wish to keep the table. It helps you to keep the table sturdy and fixed.
  • You can work anywhere, simply fold the desk and you have your own ergonomic workstation ready.

Captolife's Foldable Portable Wooden Desk/StudyTable/Laptop Table 

If you are looking for a multi-utility cooler desk, then Captolife would be the best choice for you. This is the ultimate laptop accessory that allows laptop users to access their laptops in any posture they desire. This laptop cooler desk can be used with almost all models of laptops available today. The attractive feature of Captolife is that the angles and heights of the desk can be adjusted according to the requirements of the laptop users. The desk is foldable and users can easily carry the desk 

In case you are looking for a multi-function table that is sturdy and compact at the same time, you must take a look at a multi-purpose foldable wooden table by Captolife. It is a reliable and user-friendly table that is manufactured with high-quality wood and promises long-term sustainability. 


  • Folding portable laptop desk acts as a multifunctional laptop workstation and snack tray
  • You can work anywhere, simply fold the desk and you have your own ergonomic workstation ready.

  • Lightweight, portable design that is easy to clean and folds flat for easy storage

  • Cleanliness and anti-dust: Smooth Top can be wiped with moist Clean Cloth without damaging the top

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