Captolife Sediment + Pre-Carbon + Post Carbon + Push Fit Connectors | All Push Fit Hassle Free System | Compatible with All Kinds Domestic RO

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  • Captolife's own Branded Inline filters are compatible with all domestic RO water purifiers.
  • Genuine high-quality product | Make in India.
  • Pre and Post Carbon together will stop all the unwanted chemicals and Bad Odor from the Water.
  • These filters kill the acidic nature of water and make it healthier for your body.
  • Self and easy replacement. Just remove your old filters and place these at their place. No need to call any technician.

Captolife brings it's very own Branded Inline Filter Kit

It consists of following Filters and Parts:

  1. High-Quality Sediment Filter
  2. Activated Pre Carbon
  3. Activated Post Carbon
  4. 6 Double Push Fit Connectors for easy self-installation


  1. It's all Push Fit hassle-free system. Now say by to leakage issues and Wrapping Teflon Tapes
  2. High-Quality Filters with 1100 ID Carbon best to remove all the unwanted chemicals and bad odor from the water
  3. Sediment carbon will stop up to 0.2 Microns of Dust and Solvents from the water.
  4. This quality product will help in increasing the Membrane's Life

P.S.: Use Water Filters every 6 months. Be it any brand filter quality starts going down after 6 months of time.

Drink Quality Water and life Healthy Life, Live Happy Life in simple words live Captolife

Customer Reviews

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Anuraj Gupta
RO filters and membrane

I have been captolife customer since 3 yesrs. I have purchased CSM membrane and carbon filters etc from captolife. All of them working nicely and lived a good and commendable life. Filters more than 6 months and membrane - more than 1.5 years. I recommend to buy from captolife.

Nice product

Easy to install. Thanks for shipping the connectors also

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