Bio+ RO Water Purifiers With AAA Alkaline Mineral Cartridge Installation Accessories

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  • Genuine product Only By "CAPTOLIFE" as they are the only authorized distributors
  • Increases pH level of water and makes it Alkaline
  • Anti Bacterial Water to enhance the immunity
  • Reduces ORP level
  • Includes Parts: 1pc Bio AAA Cartridge + 2pc 1/4" push-fit Elbow + 1 meter Pipe Role

Antioxidant, Alkaline, Antibacterial filter for post-treatment of water. Use the Bio+AAA filter at the final stage of the purification system and get microbes free pure & healthy drinking water. It helps a person from fast aging due to high pollution nowadays. 90% of the food we eat is Acidic which is not good for the Human Body. So this Alkaline Bio Filter Neutralizes the acid by its Alkaline output and gives good PH scale water.

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