Aquafresh Pre Filter Housing Kit | Exclusive For Dolphin , Aquagrand ,Reviva Water Purifiers

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  • Package Contents: -1 Nos. 10" Pre Filter Housing ( with single silicone material O Ring ) (Imported) with Built-in Clamp/L-plate for Easy Hanging, 2 Purelite Spun Filter, 1 Nos. Teflon Tape,2 Nos.1/4" Connectors for housing, 1 Nos. 2 Metres Pipe, 1 Multi Spanner for Prefilter Housing & Membrane Housing
  • Reduces RO Membrane damage and save money. Usage:We recommends, it needs to be installed by an expert/Technician.Built-in L - Plate, Easy to Hang & Compatible with all 10 Inch Pre filters, 2 Spun filters are included in the package
  • Not compatible with 3/8 Size inlets like Kent Grand plus/Pearl/Supreme & others with 3/8 size thicker pipe inlets
  • High-quality Food-grade Plastic
  • Compatible with all Water Purifiers with 1/4 size Pipe as inlet

This is a Pre filter housing unit in which you can install in any RO/UV Water purifier. Your tap water would be pre-filtered first before being filtered again in your water purifier. In addition to filtering out a particular contaminant this may also extend the life of the filter in your water purifier. This housing unit has standard Œ" fitting holes. Use this to pre-filter water for enhancing the life of RO machine. Must for RO/UV Machine. Benefits of Installing Pre-Filter

1. It stop mud, rust, silt and all physical impurities from raw water.

2. It enhances life of your water purifier RO Membrane and all in line filters.


The O Ring & PP SPUN Filter is well fitted inside the Pre Filter housing.You need to well wrap the connectors & the cap(If necessary) with the teflon tape(To avoid the Water Leakage), before fitted into Pre Filter.The Inlet water pipe supply must be ON, before fit the Pipe into the Bowl filter, it will avoid the air to the Pre Filter.The Pre Housing Filter is not suitable above 3-4 floors, as there is high water & air pressures.

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