MSD Instant Running Water Heater Made of First Class ABS Plastic/Water Inlet and Outlet Thread Model/Auto power cut-off

2,199.00 1,389.00

  • MSD Instant water geyser is compact, very light weight, attractively designed and can easily be shifted to any place where hot water is required, it is handy to use and just need to hanged without additional plumbing. Just hang, connect to power and water tap, and you have hot water available.
  • This is portable, eazy to install,fit, and compact. Only 1 Unit power consumption for 64 Litre of hot water. Auto power cut-off in case temperature reaches 65 degrees.
  • Fitted with thermostat, Coil, power cable. Cable lenth is 1.5 mtrs, We provide 1 mtr PVC pipe and nozzle with geyser. Allow 5-10 minutes to fill upto 20 litr bucket, reduce inflow of water from tap to increase temperature of outflow water.
  • Body – polypropylene Plastic # Thermostat – Copper, Cable – White, 1.5 Meter, # Pin-top – 16Amp, # PVC pipe and nipple, Running hot water within 6 seconds of operation. # Only 1 Unit power consumption for 70 Litre of hot water # Auto power cut-off in case temperature reaches 65 degrees # Can be used in bathroom, kitchen, wash area, hotels, hospital etc.
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