CAPTOLIFE Captogreen Recycled 30 Plantable Seeded Pencil (10 different Seeds like coriander, Methi, | Re-usable Pencil Box Free | 2B with Extra Dark Non Toxic Certified Lead | Pack of 30 Pencils

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  • CAPTOGREE’s pencil, made from 100% Recycled Paper – Saves Trees and Grows Plants! Provides Great Writing Quality – Certified – Extra Dark certified 2B Lead
  • Plantable Seed Pencils come with 100% Edible, Kid-Safe Colors.
  • How to Plant: Use the recycled paper pencil till it gets shorter. Bury it sideways into the soil once it is too short to use. Water it with love everyday for 5-7 days. The germination period is 5-10 days depending upon the seeds in the plantable pencil. Keep the pot in a way it gets a little sunlight but not directly under it
  • Once the pencil is too small to use, it can be planted. The seed from inside grows out
  • Re-usable Box Recycled Box consist (Pack of 30 Pencils). Buy today and feel proud to join fight to save trees and grow more