Captolife Bio+ H2 AAA Alkaline Filter | 11 inches | Best Quality | 9.5 pH | -250 ORP | Adds Hydrogen | Anti Oxidant | Compatible with All RO and Water…

1,699.00 999.00

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  • Features: Alkaline Water, Hydrogen Rich Water, Anti Oxidant, Adds Mineral into the water, Micro Cluster (For Anti Aging), Antibacterial (No need of out dated UV Technology), Good Taste
  • It Detoxifies your body
  • Benefits of Hydrogen Water: Slows Aging process by saving cells from getting dead, Improves body Absorption of Nutrients by improving Metabolism, Cures Immune system Problem
  • Benifits of Alkaline Water: Better Hydration, Rich Anti Oxidant, Improves Body pH, Helps to eliminate Toxic waste, Helps in weight loss. For more details you can write us at