Captogreen Certified Recycled Plantable Seeded Non-Toxic Lead Pencil with Extra Dark Double Black (6 inch) – Pack of 20 Pencils

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  • CAPTOGREEN’s pencil, made from 100% Recycled Paper – Saves Trees and Grows Plants! Provides Great Writing Quality – Certified – Extra Dark certified 2B Lead
  • Plantable Seed Pencils come with 100% Edible, Kid-Safe Colors.
  • How to Plant: Use the recycled paper pencil till it gets shorter. Bury it sideways into the soil once it is too short to use. Water it with love every day for 5-7 days. The germination period is 5-10 days depending upon the seeds in the plantable pencil. Keep the pot in a way it gets a little sunlight but not directly under it
  • Once the pencil is too small to use, it can be planted. The seed from inside grows out. For fast gowing remove the Capsule from the pencil and then put the seeds in the Pot.
  • Pack of 20 Pencils). Buy today and feel proud to join the fight to save trees and grow more

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