Aquafresh ABS Oppo Ultra Smart TDS Adjuster RO Water Purifier (15 L) | CAPTOLIFE

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  • Elegant Model with ABS 100% Food Graded Body
  • Vontron 75 GPD Membrane with Free Pre Filter
  • Removes 99% Impurities from your water. Turns Borning/ Ground high TDS water into sweet drinkable Healthy water. We assure you of the best quality of the product by providing 6 months Warranty on all the Electronic parts of the Machine.
  • RO + UV + UF + Mineral Cartridge + TDS Adjuster + Pre Filter
  • Brought to you by Aquafresh with Captolife.

Oppo Ultra Smart RO Water Purifier 15 Liters by Catolife with Brand Aquafresh. High Quality RO with Genuine Vontron 75 gpd Membrane. This 7 Stage RO makes yor water healthy for drinking and keeps your family away from Most of the diseases caused by water. Change your existing Purifier today with this Ultra Smart RO and promise your family for a healthy life.

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