Bio+ Alkaline Rich Hydrogen Filter, RO and Water Purifiers | 8000 L Capacity RO And Water Purifiers

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  • Better Hydration, Rich Anti Oxidant, Improves Body pH, Helps to eliminate Toxic waste, Helps in weight loss
  • Features: Alkaline Water, Hydrogen Rich Water, Anti Oxidant, Adds Mineral into the water, Micro Cluster (for Anti Aging), Antibacterial (No need of outdated UV Technology), Good Taste
  • It Detoxifies your body
  • Benefits of Hydrogen Water: Slows the Aging process by saving cells from getting dead, Improves body Absorption of Nutrients by improving Metabolism, Cures Immune system Problem

Captolife always work hard to bring the best available products for its customers.

This time we have brought to you the best available Alkaline RO Filter with the capacity of working up to 8000 Liters.

This Bio+ made Korean Imported 11 inch H2 AAA Alkaline Hydrogen Filter is best in the market available til now.

It's compatible with all kinds of Domestic RO Water Purifiers as well as small RO Plants.


① Alkaline Water pH 8.5 - 9.5

② Hydrogen Rich Water

③ Anti Oxidant & Micro Clustered Water that slow aging process

④Negative ORP Water viz best for any living Body

Customer Reviews

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jasmine kaur
I liked the filter

it worked well. Increases pH and ORP both.

TDS also increased

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