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  • Guaranteed quality product by Captolife
  • Hydrogen Rich Water
  • Add minerals and maintains good TDS level of Water
  • pH Enhancer that gives a quality 9.5 pH water
  • Reduce ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) and makes water Antioxidant. It also decreases NMR and Kills Bacteria from Water

Guaranteed quality product by Captolife

This filter adds the mineral to the water and helps to maintain good TDS in water. Also, it's a healthy pH enhancer.

This also kills Bacteria in the water and stops the regeneration of it in Water. So now you need not use your traditional TUV lamps and use this new technology product.

Antioxidant, Alkaline, Antibacterial filter for post-treatment of water. Use Bio+ H2 AAA filter at the final stage of purification system and get pure and healthy drinking water devoid of microbes. It helps a person from fast aging due to high pollution nowadays. 90% of the food we eat is acidic which is not for the human body. 

This alkaline biofilter neutralizes the acid by its alkaline output and give moral pH scale water.

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Good Alkaline level

Using it for the last 4 months. good quality and economic pricing

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