Ducha Zenhua Water Heating Shower Head 4400 Watts Power | Tank Less | Instant Water Heating | 3 Heating Modes | Easy Installation | Hand Shower Included Pipe | Captolife

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  • A Premium Quality Product by Captolife
  • 220 Volts - EXCLUSIVE 3 POWER SETTING SELECTOR (4400 Watts Power full instant water Heater)
  • Saves Electricity as it heats only as much water as required
  • Mini Water Head with Bidding is included in the Package
  • Wall Support Pipe is not included. You can use your old one or need to buy it separately

A Product by Captolife

Exlusive 3 Power Setting Selector 220 Volt 

High Quality 4400 Watts Instant Water Heating Shock Proof Shower Head.

This Electric Shower Head is a Tank Less Water Heating System, which gives you instant Heating Water and saves electricity also at the same time.

Now Heat only as much water that is required and no need to wait for 15 min like the normal Tank Water Heaters/ Gysers


Pool Side Hot  Shower Rinse-Off, 

For Cabins where you don't really need a Hot Water Geyser/Heater plus all those extra piping for connections,

You never run out of Hot Water for the shower. As everyone can enjoy  this instant water Heater without a wait of getting water heated again.

70% - 80% people living in coastal areas like Goa, Mumbai, Andamans, Kerala, Maldives etc use this water heater system.

 It Works best from 2PSI Water pressure To 150 PSI. 

With remarkable Electronic Technology that requires the outstanding Coral heater saves up to 25% in electric bills

Compact Exquisite Design: The water heater's compact design, the size of the shower head, takes up reduced space and attractively decorate modern living spaces. Infinite applications can be found for the extraordinary Excel tankless water heater. Our customers also use them for washing stalls,horse trailers, de-icing cars in the winter, outdoor camping, RV ´s, motels, small roadside restaurants and other situations where endless and economical water heating is required .

Customer Reviews

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Wow product

I did not have provision to install a gyser in my bathroom. But thanks to this product (suggested by my friend in Goa), I can shower take a hot water shower. In the beginning it seemed little dangerous. But it is actually a safe product.

PS: don’t forget to do the earthing connection (Green Wire) for safety.

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