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purchased alkaline filter. I was told that i’ll receive my product within 5 days. but I received it in just 2 days. Now I can rely on this website….

Shiva / Nayak

Good customer service. Had a little problem with remote of Tourmaline Mat. But they replaced the remote in just one single call….

Antony / Daniel

Yoga pants’ quality was superb. Good comfort for workout and long runs….

Garima / Singh

Found better price than Flipkart for the same item. Also there was no shipping cost. Seems like these new E-commerce websites are more customer centric as compared to big giants in the market….

Sharma / Anil

Bought these beautiful Seed Pencils. Nice concept of making pencils with recycled paper. Environment friendly products should always be our first priority….

Ashlyn / Lane

Body-shaper was really amazing. Instant fit look. Kudos to Captolife. Now you have one more loyal customer. Best part was 2 days delivery. ….

Greg / John